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Digital, 2017

Completely renewing a major bank’s website in 3 months

🏢 Erste Bank is the 2nd largest consumer bank in Hungary ($10B in assets with 1M customers).

⚡ Erste Bank’s international HQ launched a new design system, which required the complete redesign of their website.

💡 While the aesthetics and functional blocks were set by the design system, after the scoping workshop, we saw that there were plenty of room to take other strategic goals and industry trends into account:

  • Simplified product pages delivered clear messages about the bank’s offerings.
  • A knowledge base made content governance more sustainable, kept product pages light and focussed and paved the way for a future chatbot, and a unified sales- / customer support system.
  • Involving the Call Center in the design process provided customer insights, improved content quality and ensured good governance later on.
  • Online self-care options were offered in-context and with consistent presentation to channel low-value transactions away from CC and the stores.

✌ ️In spite of the challenging 3 months deadline, the project was finished on time.

💙 Making a large organization dance can be hard, but our core design ideas (simple product pages, a knowledge base, self-care push) made it to the final product, and was adopted by customers (according to GA).

💰 Value I brought to the project:

  • My experience in leading design consulting projects in large organizations
  • Facilitation and workshop design skills
  • Design research experience
  • Participative design approach
  • Doing the actual work of developing concepts and wireframes together with the team

👥 As an independent innovation consultant in partnership with Why Partners, a boutique product design agency

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