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Strategic, 2016

Digital transformation of bill payments across physical and digital channels

🏢 Hungarian Telekom (T-Mobile) serves millions of customers with integrated TV, phone, internet and mobile services.

⚡ T-Mobile introduced a new online authorization method, but in-store activations were below expectations.

💡 Together with the client’s project team we solved the problem in four steps:

  1. Explored the problem from both the sales representatives’ and the customers’ perspective through contextual inquiries and workshops.
  2. Created a new gamification based incentive program targeted for educational goals.
  3. Tested the new inventive system at an 80 person workshop, where store managers could experience the new incentive system as a game. Their input was important both as important stakeholders, and as gatekeepers to sales representatives.
  4. Supported the implementation of the digital platform supporting the new program, and the organizational changes needed to introduce it. Some of the KPIs were measured by us using surveys and interviews.

✌️ The new gamification based incentive system reached wide adoption among the sales representatives, and proved to be an effective new leg in our client’s incentive system.

💰 Value I brought to the project:

  • I contributed to the development of the mechanics of the gamification based incentive system.
  • Facilitated at the 80 person workshop as part of a 4 person team.

💙 This was my first workshop with a large number of participants. It required a different way of thinking, with special emphasis on team work and timing.

👥 Working as a lead service designer at Isobar Budapest’s Service Design and Innovation team

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