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Digital, 2016

A team of e-commerce veterans aimed to turn their insights into a product. They knew where they want to get to, but where should they start?

🏢 An early-stage startup with a SaaS invoicing solution for retailers.

⚡ The team had extensive insights on what makes an invoicing solution great for retailers, and asked us to advise them how to get there, while keeping the service profitable from early-on, as they were bootstrapping.

💡 The main challenge lay in finding a good market-product fit for the MVP:

  1. We first started to look for a market segment, that could make use of a subset of their planned features.
  2. After a series of interviews, contextual inquiries, customer journey mapping and data crunching (market data, competitor analysis) two MVP candidates emerged.
  3. We went forward with the MVP most inline with the founders’ market familiarity.
  4. The final step was designing the actual MVP. We designed the information architecture, flows, functional and high-fi wireframes (Sketch, Invision). Together with our branding experts we developed an initial brand strategy.

✌️ The prototypes made the founders’ concept tangible, which helped them pitch their service to prospects and early-adopters. The MVP development is still underway.

💙 I enjoyed the energy of the startup’s team and listening to the founders’ e-commerce war stories.

💰 As a contracting Product Design Lead I worked with another UX Lead, two UI designers and a branding expert.

👥 As an independent consultant in partnership with Why Partners, a boutique product design agency

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