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Digital, 2015

Designed various product product pages

🏢 Hungarian Telekom (T-Mobile) serves millions of customers with integrated TV, phone, internet and mobile services.

⚡ Isobar Budapest was in charge maintaining T-Mobile’s website.

💡 The maintenance projects were rapid design tasks with short deadlines. Each task was assigned to one UX desinger, so these were solo-projects in essence. The typical process from my perspective looked like this:

  • Scoping the project with the sponsor and the stakeholders
  • Budgeting, developing a proposal
  • Managing the deadline, client correspondence
  • Desk research, and a little research (mostly friends of friends, because of the lack of time)
  • Wireframing in Axure
  • As much usability testing as time allowed
  • Presenting the design and iterating on it
  • After acceptance, handing the design over to the UI and site build team
  • Quality assurance during implementation

✌️ Our fast process and team of veteran UX designers made sure that T-Mobile’s website was highly responsive to its business needs, with a world-class quality.

💙 Nothing motivates me like making an impact does. My work reached millions of T-Mobile customers, including my friends and family.

💰 Value I brought to the table:

  • Years of UX experience, proficiency with the tools of trade
  • Business background, from my past Product Manager role
  • Confident use of the design process, stemming from my service design background
  • Consulting skills like negotiation, client correspondence, stakeholder mapping

👥 As a UX Desinger at Isobar Budapest

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