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Strategic, 2015

Designed and facilitated a workshop for a group of Customer Experience Directors from 7 countries

🏢 Deutsche Telekom is Europe’s leading telecommunications provider (T-Mobile’s parent company, 73,1 billion Euros in revenue, 50 national companies, 60m customers)

⚡ Deutsche Telekom approached us to advise them in the delivery of workshop about the future of their TV offerings, with Customer Experience Directors participating from the national companies.

💡 I co-designed and co-facilitated the workshop with DT’s innovation team.

  • We followed a base-journey approach, where we first mapped a journey based on the core value proposition, and later marked the parts specific for various customer segments.
  • We relied on the participants’ expertise as customer advocates, as there was no budget for research.

✌️ The workshop served as an inspiration for a follow-up large scale project.

💰 Value I brought to the project:

  • Experience in facilitating international workshops
  • Service design experience with T-Mobile

💙 T-Mobile’s Directors were one of the most involved and engaged participants I have seen.

👥 Working as a lead service designer at Isobar Budapest’s Service Design and Innovation team.

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