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Newtech, 2013

Developed an indoor-tracking technology into a product-service system

🏢 Cason Engineering plc. pioneered in industrial grade wireless communication technology, and provided automation and data acquisition solutions to the largest energy companies in the EMEA region.

⚡ Cason’s R&D accidentally stumbled upon an indoor tracking technology. I pushed to make it into a product, and received the opportunity ad a product manager.

💡 Diwicon Aura was a self-organizing wireless mesh network of sensors listening to active RFID cards serving as beacons. This enabled real-time indoor location tracking and alarms.
It was my role to find a matching market for the technology and develop it into a service producing a recurring revenue stream:

  • Evangelized prospects in the EMEA region from various industries (productivity, industrial safety, education, health care)
  • Tested value propositions using prototypes
  • Developed pricing strategies, communication channels and new product versions to fit discovered needs
  • Delivered pilot projects

✌️ Project highlights:

  • Yacht tracking service realized (Croatia)
  • Wander protection service (Hungary)

💙 My role required me to learn a lot and fast as I wore a multitude of hats:

  • Evangelized prospects
  • Communicated internally with involved departments and externally with partners and clients
  • Managed software and hardware development, production and deployment
  • Developed pricing
  • Oversaw product communication and sales
  • Reported to management and shareholders

👥 As a Product Manager at Cason Engineering plc.

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