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Strategic, 2013

The first Hungarian service design community

🏢 One special weekend people interested in service and customer experience will meet at locations all over the globe. In a spirit of experimentation, innovation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have less than 48 hours to develop and prototype completely new services inspired by a shared theme.

⚡ Returning after my service design course in London, I connected with the local service designers (all 3 at that time), and as our first project we organized our first jam.

💡 We designed, organized and facilitated the jams. Mentored participants to get the most out of the event.

✌️ This event and its participants are the root of today’s thriving service design scene in Budapest.

  • Introduced service design and design thinking to the local startup scene
  • 700+ followers on our Facebook page
  • 400+ members in our Service Design Budapest facebook group
  • The next year our Ukrainian participant started up Kiev Service Jams

💙 The thrill of starting something new and exciting. Teaching people something I’m passionate about.

💰 Value I brought to the project:

  • Making it happen
  • Service design experience
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Digital communication channels

👥 As an independent innovation consultant in partnership with Reka Barath, Judit Boros and the Cellux Group

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